After Further (Wildcat) Review

File Photo- Brawley vs Calexico


     Last Friday’s win after a slow start by the Brawley Wildcats can be looked at in two different perspectives. The slow start either exposed something most teams hadn’t seen yet and Southwest exploited for half of the game, or discipline and preparation for a game, no matter how heavily a team is favored, is ultimately important in how well you play.

Whether the players had complacency issues or Southwest was that fired up for the upset, it is all water under the bridge. I am sure the halftime pep talk by the coaches in Friday’s game made its presence felt and lingered into this week’s preparations for the Calexico Bulldogs.

Being it was a “Big Fat Greek Homecoming” theme I wouldn’t doubt that the pep talk included the spraying of Windex on the players and equipment. (If you saw the movie, you are probably chuckling just about now).

After five straight home games with a “Bye” week among those, it is now time for the Wildcats to travel. This first away game since August is TGITF (Thank Goodness It’s Taco Friday). The Bulldogs have had performances in Calexico similar to what Southwest did to Brawley. The Bulldogs are 2-4 for the season with a big IVL win last week in Blythe versus the Yellow Jackets of Palo Verde by a score of 35-30. The game bounced back and forth with five lead changes where the Bulldogs put up a good fight in victorious fashion. They were led by Alberto Valdez, RB, who had a fairly decent game last year, when the Bulldogs visited Brawley.

Valdez had 127 yards on 19 rushes last year and no player has rushed for 100 yards this season against the stingy Wildcats. The Bulldogs don’t have an arsenal attack, but will drop in the shotgun formation on occasion. They are most effective with QB Nico Martinez lined up behind the center.

Calexico has had a rough season and is rebuilding this year after losing some crucial players due to graduation. They have had three huge losses to Cibola, Sweetwater and Orange Glen. One loss was a nail biter to Desert Mirage 22-20 and their only other win was to Montgomery High of San Diego 35-0.

The Wildcats are projected to win 48-0, but we know how accurate that was last week. The Wildcats even though heavily favored must not be looking ahead to the show down in Imperial next week. Let that play a factor Friday night- and it could be a longer one than the Eagles game.

My Common Core math still needs some polishing up as I had Andrew Ortiz with 237 yards on 23 carries. After further review and calculations the more accurate total was 222 yards on 23 carries. He now has 937 yards on 122 carries. Ross Rubio had 116 yards on 14 carries. No one had a bigger game last week than #44 Jacob Ordonez on defense. (Note his number was wrongly stated in the print issue).

Jacob had a smorgasbord of effectiveness, including being involved in 10 tackles (one sack, one for loss yardage); he disrupted the QB on passing plays, and had a TD interception return which sparked the Wildcats fiery 28 point second half. The Wildcats have at least one interception in every game this season which is an impressive stat. Nathan Montalvo, Steven Baeza and Andrew Ortiz also had exceptional games defensively to preserve the third shutout of the season.

Hopefully, the Wildcats will come out of this game not only with a victory but free of injuries so they can be at full strength for the much anticipated game versus the Tigers.

The Tigers play Southwest and will have their hands full pending how the Eagles rebound after the great performance of last week, albeit in defeat.

Best wishes go out to the coaches and players. Fans please drive safely to and from the game. Kickoff is at 7pm at Ward Field in Calexico.


    • Yes they are, just realized only DI can move into open. Looks like El Cap will end up in Top 5 of all SD CIF. They are a clone of St. Aug’s in 2004…all QB and a bunch of good role players. If Cagle has a bad night, it’s nite-nite El Cap.

      • St. Augustine was 7-5 for the season that year.
        El Capitan is undefeated and will enter the playoffs unscathed.
        Brawley’s best shot is a #2 or #3 spot to avoid them until the end. SDCIF seems to put Imperial Valley teams against El Capitan in playoffs, I don’t see anything different this year. It’s all in location and distance.

        • St. Aug’s had a very legit chance to win CIF that year. Brawley had a tough time at home putting them away and then proceeded to slaughter Cathedral Catholic on the road the following week. A little more of Sheppard at the title game and Brawley would have won going away.

  1. Fans make sure you take a little extra Snack Bar money. Calexico has a huge taco stand that is like NO other one in the Imperial Valley thus reference to “TGITF”.

  2. No chance Calexico wins…might score a TD or two. Brawley sure is missing the instant, dangerous offense that was Nico Aguirre. The younger kids have performed well. Imperial will be their last major test before the playoffs. I still see Brawley winning Imperial by 2-3 TD’s. The only way Brawley’s makes it to the semi’s this year is if they somehow get a top 4 ranking. El Capitan, unless they moved to the Open Division is a sure lock to win DII this year.

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