Additional funds released for non-profit, governmental solar projects

rooftop solarEL CENTRO – The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors has approved the release of an additional $552,422 in funding available for non-profit and governmental solar energy systems.

The funds come from IID’s 2013 solar solutions program budget, which started the year at slightly more than $5 million. Limited solar rebate requests were received from the non-profit and governmental organization customer class for this year’s solar solutions program, allowing these additional funds to be available.

Interested applicants from non-profit organizations and governmental agencies are encouraged to apply beginning June 24. The application period will end June 28. Prospective applicants can visit the program’s webpage, or contact IID’s Office of Energy Management and Strategic Marketing at 1-760-482-3673.

Since the IID solar solutions program began in 2008, the district has provided more than $12 million in incentives for solar energy systems in its service area. Collectively, 385 solar energy systems have been installed (representing all customer classes), generating nearly 12 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy a year.

Note: while IID funds and administers the program in accordance with state guidelines, the district does not install the systems nor recommend contractors for the program.