Abstain from the Ambassadors


As a provider in the health community, I will attend farmer’s market, health fairs and community events. I will often have a table set up or I will wander around seeing friends, feeding and keeping abreast of what’s going on in the valley of the sun.


Several times I have seen the Planned Parenthood (PP) table. There was a “Probe” question in the local paper, about the outreach and activities of PP. They hope to open an office in the valley. As a pro-lifer, I hope they abstain from setting up shop.


They are sending young people to schools, colleges and elsewhere. These folks are called ambassadors or “promoters.” According to the article, they are going out and promoting health and well being to young people throughout the valley. Sounds good doesn’t it.


Well I read the Probe article twice to see if the word was in there but it wasn’t. I know what you are thinking….”abortion” wasn’t there and we know that PP and abortion are synonymous. You are wrong again Bubba!


The word that the article abstained from using is the word “abstinence!” It is because if you want to have a conversation about pregnancy, disease, mental health, functional relationships, reproductive health, etc. then it has to be around the “A” word, abstinence. Sex leads to emotional, health and relational dysfunction in the unmarried.


Unfortunately, for PP and for the community, the “A” word of abstinence is not promoted by the promoters, but the other “a” word, abortion is. Now I realize that our society will cover this up with the smoke screen of “choice” but the bottom line is that abortions aren’t really good for health either.


Women die from legal abortions. Men and women develop mental health problems in the weeks, months, years following the death of a child through legal medical procedures. If you want more statistics about PP or pregnancy help call the Real Hope Center (760-353-4673) or Birthchoice (760-352-2881).


These are local, volunteer run organizations, whose motive is not profit, but what really is profitable to women and families. They really help pregnant people.


I was a teen parent. A medical social worker in a prenatal clinic and my mom set up family planning in El Centro back in the 60’s or early 70’s. Jimbo knows pregnancy! While I worked as a counselor in Calexico School District for many years, I helped with our 9th grade health class where we taught about ABSTINENCE, STD’s, teen pregnancy, reproductive health and managing stress.


The main teacher was Doris Dungan—a Christian, grandmother type teacher. I helped with the sex and drug portion. Little did we know at the time, a Stanford research group evaluated us. They looked at community health data.


For several years, every freshman in Calexico got the Jim and Doris family life program. I wasn’t a Christian at the time, but I was passionate about teen health. Anyway, Calexico was found to have a teen pregnancy rate, lower than the state average! We weren’t lone rangers. Calexico has great parents, a bunch of excellent teachers, and there was the Pioneers Clinic. We all worked as partners to protect kids.


I say to abort ambassadors who will not energetically and scientifically promote abstinence. Unfortunately, PP has a worldview that promotes teen sexuality by what they say and don’t say. If you assume most kids will be sexually active, you are promoting teen health problems.


Teen sexual behavior leads to pregnancy, STD’s, depression and substance abuse. The breakup of a sexually active pair of teenagers breaks hearts and spirits. It is devastating. Teen marriages also don’t survive. Try to think of someone you know that got married as a teen and are still together. If you can think of one, it is very rare. Kind of like PP promoting abstinence. It is rare.