Abandoned house in Brawley soon to be addressed




BRAWLEY – The abandoned house in the 200 block of J Street in Brawley will be either torn down or cleaned up.

For years the overgrown, unkempt house has been a thorn in the side of the City of Brawley, especially the neighborhood of J Street. Even today, the house sits empty and looks unsightly.

According to the City of Brawley’s new attorney Bill Smerdon, things are happening quickly to finally get the property cleaned up.

“Some bids have come in to either tear down the house or clean it up,” said Smerdon. “Local investors are burning up my phone trying to acquire the property as is. The court appointed Receiver has the job to get this done and he is weighing all of the options to present to the Superior Court. I have asked him to bring the option that doesn’t cost the City of Brawley any money, because some would.”

Action will come quick.

The Receiver is under the supervision of the Superior Court.

“He answers to them, not the City of Brawley,” said Smerdon. “I am in contact with him several times a week to let him know how important this is. It is moving forward.”

The City has two liens against the property.

The owner is in intensive care in San Diego. He was severely beaten a few months ago and is not expected to ever be able to live without constant health care.


  1. This place should have been addressed years ago,it’s not a place that happened overnight. Just because he’s in the hospital or wherever he is doesn’t mean something should be done now. It’s been a fire hazard for many, many years and has to be a health hazard for who ever lives there. Nobody should have had to live next to that mess the City should have done something years ago. The Fire dept comes into businesses and gives citations if things don’t meet codes, why wasn’t something done.the city doesn’t do much of what they should do, like letting people live in houses that belong to the City for years free of rent, when the houses belong to the City due to a default. The City could sale the property to make money for the city but I guess we don’t need the money. Something needs to be done. Wake up

  2. Yes, the homeowner is still alive. He cannot however, return and restore the home. He deserves to have his personal property protected, and yet, the property needs serious rehabiliation he cannot undertake. I think the neighbors need some consideration in concert with protecting anything of value he woule not wish to lose as they move plans forward for the property.

  3. All the while old red stallion sits there with hazardous material ready to fall on anyone that walks on the public sidewalk.

  4. Sounds like somebody is interest in stealing that property for cheap. Scavengers. The MAN is still alive and could come home with some help. Why not give him a hand?

  5. He is not in intensive care. He is alive and well in a residential home in El Cajon. I talked to him yesterday. But yes, the situation needs to be resolved.

  6. I love how it is so important to “fix or demolish” this house…. ONE house?

    Really? THIS is a concern? What about MOST of the TOWN! Why not put some effort into getting rid of hideous places like Victory Outreach and Los Amigos. Why not fix up main street, closer to the east side? Priorities here….

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