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letter to the editor 612x674Once again a young woman has been sexually assaulted; not at Stanford or in Indiana, but here in our Valley. And sadly, once again, it looks as if some how it’s more her fault and not the assailant’s and justice will fail to be served. As in the other two cases, the assailant is known and in this case, he admits he did assault the young woman. He isn’t a star athlete or a cute frat boy, he’s a Border Patrol agent, but that doesn’t matter. A WOMAN was sexually assaulted and nothing seems to be happening to bring her some justice.


This time a lenient judge isn’t to blame, but a Police Chief, who is slow in turning the case over to the District Attorney for him to see if there is a case to prosecute or not, is at fault.  I wonder if said Police Chief realizes the message he’s sending to the women in his family about what he really thinks of sexual assault?


I will grant you times have changed and our young people have a lot more sexual freedoms than I ever imagined. I was warned repeatedly to watch out for ‘boys’ or ‘men’ when I hit a certain age, because men could become an unwelcome predator. Seems like that hasn’t changed much in this new world our young people inhabit. It was wrong when I was young and it’s still wrong today. There should come a point when we don’t have to warn our daughters about a man’s bad behavior. Likewise, what is going through a man’s head that he thinks a sleeping woman will welcome his advances or deserves them? That puts him on the level of a rutting pig. The assailant in this case needs to be held accountable for what he did; that young woman is someone’s daughter, sister, and spouse.  If he has a wife or daughter does he wish the same for them someday?


I know little of Chief Colon; only what I read in the paper. Shame on you Chief; it isn’t your job to be the judge and jury here. The evidence has been gathered, statements taken, give the case to the DA and let the next step begin. Our private opinions have no place here.


I’ve watched societal changes for nearly 70 years. We’ve come from a time where the ‘bad girl’ could never have the good man, ex. Miss Kitty and Marshal Dillon, to where the ‘good girl’ wants to change to get the guy, ex. GREASE and yet in all these changes, women still have to be on their guard for an unwanted attack from a man.   When God made man and woman back in Genesis, He didn’t make her to be his prey, but to be his helpmate. Hopefully Chief Colon will do the right and honorable thing here and let this case go to the DA. More importantly I’m praying that as we continue to raise our sons we will teach them it is WRONG to assault a woman, no matter the circumstances.


Judy Grant

Brawley, CA


  1. I know how this goes. I have seen things similar to this with I.C.E. agents withholding,and lying regarding evidence. Two Federal Judges not receiving or reading all the reports. All this for a conviction and to look good.

  2. I love Imperial, but this situation gives the city a black eye! The police chief obstructing justice! This is not good for women considering a move to Imperial. The chief law enforcement officer needs to be a leader, not a loose cannon, doing what is right in his own mind. Please keep an eye on this story and I am sure there are many out there who would be willing to pack the Imperial City Council meetings. Good article Judy!

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