A Plus Furniture goes up in flames



BRAWLEY – Downtown Brawley experienced another devastating fire late Tuesday night.

Approximately 11:00 pm Brawley Fire Department received a call about a structure fire in progress. It was fully involved.

The building is a total loss.

A Plus Furniture, located at 542 Main Street, is one of the larger businesses in downtown Brawley.

A Plus 1A $5,000 reward has been offered to anyone who may have information on the fires that have been set in the recent weeks.

This fire, as well as other fires in downtown Brawley, is under investigation. It is not known if Tuesday’s fire is arson or not.

The Brawley Police Department is doing everything they can. They are making a larger presence in the downtown area and the investigation division is working tirelessly to find clues to the arson activity.

 The Brawley Fire Department is asking downtown businesses to help by reporting suspicious activity and clean up debris around their buildings.

“I’m speechless this morning,” said Brawley City Council Member Don Campbell. “I got the call about the fire and when I saw the damage, I couldn’t believe it. This is heart wrenching. We may need to increase the reward and reach out for some more help so we can catch these folks. We’re looking at everything as far what we can do as a city. This is devastating.”

Most of the fires are happening between 11:00 pm and 3:00 am in the downtown area.

If you see something that seems suspicious, call the Brawley Police Department.






  1. So sorry to hear about the the Fires in Brawley! I used to shop at the old Mc Donald’s, which was the Furniture Store that burned! And used to go dancing at the Planters Hotel years ago! I’m just sick about the whole thing!! I just pray that who ever has done this will be delt with the in the highest extent of the Law! They should get what they deserve!!! Let the FBI handle this! They will do their JOB WELL!!

  2. Rumors are that a suspect is on radar. Fed’s are in for the kill, will they pin the pigeon(s) or the ones behind the bank accounts? Maybe they can go back and check out what really happened at Planter’s.

    IVP has lost all credibility….they have nobody following or posting on their site. Now is the chance for DR to apply the knockout punch…don’t be afraid to report the real truth DR. We will be watching.

  3. Hire some real Fire Investigators. I have a funny feeling there is power ad money behind these fires.

    • Real fire investigators??? Hell we got some real politicians in washington d c and they can’t the job done.

      • Your on two subjects. Planters was never solved. There are some experts out there in other agencies that can help.

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