A Little Bit of This and That


nflUpheaval seems to be the name of the game in college football these days. This past weekend the nation’s No. 1 team, Mississippi State, lost to Alabama.

In the process the nation’s former No. 1, Florida State, vaulted back to the top of the polls with Alabama nipping at the Seminoles’ heels at No. 2. Luckily for the upstart team from Starkville, the Bulldogs only fell to No. 4 so they should still be in the playoff picture.

It seems these types of things are happening more and more frequently as the amount of parity in the college game grows. This is why having a playoff this year is a good thing.

There are probably eight to 10 teams in college football that could win a tournament featuring the nation’s best teams. Of course, this is why a tournament featuring more than four teams would be an even better thing, but I suppose we’ll have to wait on that.

Miami Marlin, Giancarlo Stanton, did not have to wait to get paid.

Reports are that the Marlins’ slugger and the team have agreed on a 13-year, $325 million dollar contract extension and these reports absolutely blow my mind. It’s not so much the amount of money. We all know professional sports’ contracts are ridiculously lucrative. Stanton is one of the best players in the game and now he’s being paid like it.

That’s just the way it goes. If you don’t like how much money professional athletes make then you should quit watching sports on TV, because it’s that TV money that fuels the ridiculous spending.

What actually gets me is the fact the Marlins, a historically miserly team, are opening their wallets to dole out so much cash. To put this in perspective, last year the entire payroll for their team was $45 million.

Now they are going to pay Stanton $25 million per year. Does this mean the other 24 guys will have to divvy up the remaining $20 million? Supposedly Stanton only signed when he was reassured the team would spend the money needed to be competitive. I guess only time will tell if this is the case or not.

The Manning brothers were intercepted seven times on Sunday. Not in the same game of course, but still, seven interceptions of the most famous brother quarterbacks of all time is a lot.

Most of the blame falls on Eli who threw five of them, but the Rams got Peyton twice, which is worthy of note. I mention this for two reasons.

First, five interceptions thrown in a game is a lot and Eli should be ashamed of himself. Second, it’s funny that this is news. I mean, a lot of people were leading with this on their NFL recaps, which seems strange at first.

But, when you start to think about it, I believe it highlights the fact the NFL is more about celebrity than it is about actual football and the Manning brothers are two of the biggest stars in the game. Thus, when they succeed, or in this case fail, it is big news – regardless of wins or losses.