A little bit of this, a little bit of that


There’s a lot going on in the world of sports, pennant races, right now so I figured it might be time to play some catch up. Let’s get started!

Glad to see the real NFL referees back on the field this weekend. Lots of trouble while they were away. It’s honestly kind of funny to think just how good those guys are at their jobs. I mean, if you just give it a passing thought, then you might think anyone could be a  sports official. However, the first three weeks of the NFL season proved differently. Here’s to hoping that never happens again, and that maybe the fans remember how it was with replacement refs the next time they want to boo what they think is a bad call.

I guess the extra wild card has added a little drama to the end of the baseball season. The Dodgers are still alive, with just two games to play. However, their chances seem kind of slim as they have to win twice, and St. Louis has to lose twice just to force a one-game playoff between the two teams to then get to the one-game wild card playoff (a lot of one-game playoffs, huh?) Still, I guess the extra wild card brought what it was supposed too- if nothing else, it got the Oakland A’s back into the postseason.

Got the chance to take in a game at Dodger Stadium over the weekend. Chavez Ravine is such a beautiful place, so I really enjoyed it. Of course it didn’t hurt that Matt Kemp hit two home runs either.

People certainly want to create a quarterback controversy in New York. Must be tough being Mark Sanchez with Tim Tebow looking over your shoulder all the time. Sanchez was awful on Sunday, which immediately brought about the calls for Tebow to take over. On the flip side, it must be strange to be Tebow as well. This is a guy who took his team to the playoffs last year, and now he’s a backup. I suppose that’s the life of the NFL’s strangest superstar. I’m guessing at some point, Tebow will become the Jets’ starter, and when that happens, I think most people will be reminded of just why Tebow got shipped to New York in the first place.

NBA preseason is right around the corner. The Lakers certainly look like the team to beat. Kobe, Steve Nash, Dwight Howard AND Pau Gasol? The just seems like too much talent. Should be fun to see how many games they can win (and ultimately if they can get Kobe another ring.)


And finally, we’ll end with some college football. It’s an interesting year on the junior gridiron as both Florida State and Notre Dame are back to making noises like they are national powers, while Geno Smith, the quarterback at West Virginia made like Superman last week and 656 yards and eight touchdowns (in one game!). While Smith seems like the runaway winner of the Heisman at this point, there’s still a lot of football left to be played, and it should be interesting to see if he can keep it up. And, of course, it will also be interesting to watch to see if the Irish, or the Seminoles, can continue doing what they’re doing and figure in the national title hunt.