A few reasons why it is time to retire Menvielle & Mendoza


During the Menvielle and Mendoza terms as IID Director you need to only ask yourself, has IID run efficiently, offered low rates and protected the Valley’s water and energy? Along with disgraced director Sanchez they commanded a 3-2 voting bloc to control IID. The answer is simply that this has been a time of secretive meetings and uncontrolled spending with IID debt rising from a couple of million to several billion and its premier credit rating was lost. To pay for needed capital the IID is now faced with selling additional paper, much like financing operations with credit cards. 

Allegations of corruption became common place along with ongoing cover ups. Two General Managers came and went. Legal costs soared with unknown results ; yet Director Menvielle recently scheduled attorney Osias on the public’s dime at two recent board meetings to support his agenda. With attorneys charging from $400 – $700 an hour this is blatant misuse of Osias’s time and ratepayer money. But the public has never been given a breakdown of the hundreds of millions in attorney costs. What have they delivered? That’s unknown because there has been no reporting and transparency during Menvielle & Mendoza’s reign at IID.

Employees were spied upon without permission and emails surfaced that alleged collusion between director Menvielle, IID legal and the newspaper to invalidate a Grand Jury Report that represented countless hours of diligent work by dedicated, concerned residents. Contracts were given to highest bidders with no disregard to local contractors despite grievances being brought to the attention of the incumbent directors. The list of alleged corruption and special favors to outsiders goes on and on.   

Answers to questions have never been given  like, how many hundred million did the failed gas hedging fiasco really cost? This has never been completely answered, just covered up, and is an underlying reason for lack of money for capital projects. It explains why the ECA money hasn’t been fully  returned. Despite the $78 million recently acknowledged by director Menvielle, another $138 in over-collection has been identified, but is still owed to the rate payers. The incumbents  voted by bloc at least 4 times against returning this ECA money and lowering rates, despite Menvielle’s recent claim to the contrary. The incumbents also voted against adopting a universal contracting code to ensure fairness, causing hundreds of millions to be overspent by ignoring the lowest bidder and giving preference to special outside interests. The incumbents haven’t faired well either protecting  the integrity of IID’s transmission system  against outside interests. The wheeling from the Mt. Signal overpass could have paid debt service. And, the $25 million wasted on the Gateway Project that was pushed hard by Menvielle has never been explained. 

The failed QSA was also on the incumbents’ watch; yet they still approved  amendments to the QSA that have resulted in loss of IID assets to outside interests. Only time will tell if the the next giveaway from the Menvielle, Mendoza regime  is the State’s obligation to the Salton Sea. Also, with regard to water, Stella for 12 years has said that the farmers were going to sell their water knowing full well  that water is a public resource that nobody can sell. The right to use belongs to the land. That is very different than Stella’s claims.  To promote this lie for what can only be assumed as political reasons has been unnecessarily divisive and misleading. 

Finally, I don’t believe the public can stand the giveaway of any more assets. The incumbents have not protected projects that should have connected to the IID system. This has jeopardized future income and could, along with other waste mentioned, result in a rate increase or extensive  employee layoffs as needed income moves to outside communities.  

All these reasons shout that the IID will be  better off without Menvielle and Mendoza. New leadership is needed to protect IID’s vast water and energy resources when so many outside interests covet them.  

Arn Lahde

























  1. with the continuation of the nightmare called b hussein obama the whole country is screwed as will be the iid and the ratepayers. rates will rise regardless of good management.

  2. We’ll soon know. I hope IID gets back on track soon. Getting that 50.1% isn’t that easy Deserttrek. It will take another new voice to guide IID, I think, to get productivity at IID for the ratepayers. It will take another director with honesty & common sense!

  3. the sage of hemet speaks again. thanks for the obvious, the system is broken.

    integrity in politics and life in general is lacking. many organizations are broken, the fix starts when those inside decide its is time to fix it. at that time bad decisions, intimidation, poor leadership, poor policy and general malaise will no longer rule the day. as in most things it takes 50% +1 to get on the right road.

    • And focus on directing the IID not managing it. Vision, development of both long and short term business strategies, direction, policy, new general management and unified support of business operation optimization for the delivery of cost effective electric and water for “ALL” the ratepayers….10% water 90% electric. ENHANCE AND ENFORCE IID GOVERNANCE POLICY AND LET’S GET OUR ROGUE COMMUNITY OWNED UTILITY WORKING PRODUCTIVELY FOR THE RATEPAYERS AND FOR OUR REGION.

  4. You all have it right. Menvielle and Mendoza have just been around too long when IID has had nothing but scandals, rumors of corruption and misuse of the money. Lahde has summarized them, but the main thing is it has been nonstop since Menvielle and Mendoza have directors. We need change and people who think first about our area and not giving money away to San Diego and the coast. We have many qualified contractors. Why have they given jobs to so many big companies from other places and even Nevada? Get rid of them & let our workers have the jobs.

  5. Tom’s right! Throw out Mendoza, Menvielle,Diane Frankenstein,Goodie Brown and Hussein Obama! We need some honest prople for a chenge!We sure don’t have it now!

    • agree with the sentiment. sadly the people have to start to step up and take responsibility for their actions and the effect on others.

  6. Toss all the bums out, from the White house to the IID. Toss out Diane Frankenstein, toss ’em all out.

  7. Stella voted against safety for the All American Canal. I love everyone and don’t let them drown, Stella should not have done that. How many drowned? We need change as Mr. Lahde says.

  8. You are all correct. It is way past time. We can’t let any more of our assets go to outsiders. Mendoza and Menvielle have to go!

  9. BOTH MENVIELLE AND MENDOZA MUST GO FO IID TO be able to clean house, which is necessary – everyone at IID understands this,

  10. You are rifght, Homwgirl, as usuak. JJD lacks enforcement of governance policies. Vote Galindo, Kuhn and Benson to get rid of the encumbnts!!! Garber and HR mangement must go, and there is no wayto cllean up with Menvielle and Mendoza are direcors approving all the CORRUPTNESS.

  11. Agreed Boys- but if you look at Imperial First’s ad they want to do the same thing all over again focus inward on micro managing the IID while the organization continues to meander without vision, strategy, direction, policy……the outward focus and big picture navigation stuff. This inward micro focus is why we are reactive and being bypassed and our regional self determination controlled by more sophisticated outside public agencies and business interests. It is of utmost importance for the Board to understand its focus and to do its job. A big part of that is finding a committed, loyal and capable professional general manager who can change, lead and manage all the bullet points and more in their ad. Kuhn and Benson- it is imperative that once you are elected that you read the management report put together by the outside consultant and IID staff and not try to re invent the wheel. The plan and necessary changes are already documented. Read it and don’t just dismiss it because of who initiated the report. At the end of the day the content is invaluable and put together by very intelligent/local/loyal insiders. EHNANCE AND ENFORCE IID’S GOVERNANCE POLICY FORCING THE IID BOARD TO EFFECTIVELY GUIDE AND DIRECT THE IID ORGANIZATION AND NOT TO INTEREFERE WITH CONFLICTS OF INTEREST IN THE DAY TO DAY BUSINESS OPERATION WHILE THE DISTRICT CONTINUES TO DRIFT AIMLESSLY WITHOUT DIRECTON.

  12. What a mess! We want somebody who is for the good of us the public and not concentrating on lining their own pockets. I want to vote for someone on our side & not pay people for stealing from me.Let’s get rid of both Stella and JP menviele.

  13. As usual, Arn is right on target with his comments about J.P. and Stella. They have been nothing but bad news for the IID.We must vote him out of office before IID goes bankrupt and we lose our water and power. Get out and vote for Benson and Kuhn.

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