A Bike Ride Across the Country



BRAWLEY – Four young men from Pennsylvania have made it their goal to ride their bicycles from San Diego to the Sunshine state of Florida in only 35 days. With them are their bikes and anything they can carry on their backs.

The first days of their journey, PJ Zook, Palmer King, Merlin King, and Jonny Stoltzfus traveled out of San Diego and down the mountain grade. Sunday, January 26, they rode into Brawley where they found refuge, food, and showers at The Redeemer Church (El Redentor).

“We’re watching our money pretty carefully to make sure we don’t spend it all on food too soon,” PJ Zook, 20, stated. “And if one of our bike’s get stolen, we aren’t too concerned. It’s all in God’s hands.”

Their travels will continue until March 1st when they arrive in Florida. Follow their voyage across the southern United States on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/California2floridain35days