A Big Mess


Here we are, smack dab in the middle of the playoffs for not one, but two professional sports leagues. Unfortunately, the biggest story in the sports world today is Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling and the racist comments he made on voicemails he left to his supposed girlfriend. To call what Sterling said ugly would be an understatement. His comments were insensitive and they were uncalled for, but, unfortunately they happened and they set the sports world ablaze.


Every person from Magic Johnson to Michael Jordan to the guy who does the sports on your local television channel has probably shared their opinion on this issue with you so I will be brief in giving you mine. Sterling has proven over the years to be not just a terrible owner but also an awful human being. This is not the first time he has been accused of racism and it probably won’t be the last. Unfortunately the NBA kind of has their hands tied in what sort of punishment they can give to him. They cannot force him to sell the team (which would certainly be the best thing) so they will be forced to simply fine him, and possibly ban him from attending the team’s games for a year, and then let him get back to being who he is – one of the biggest jerks the sports world has ever known.


As I noted earlier, Sterling’s comments have overshadowed what has been a great opening round of the playoffs in both the NBA and the NHL thus far. Miami is the only team who has clinched a second-round series in the NBA (which means Charlotte was the only team to get swept). As I write this, four of the other eight series, including the one involving the Clippers and the Warriors are tied at two wins each which means basically anything can happen and it has been so far. There is nothing better for playoff drama than tight series that go all seven games. Only two teams – Houston and Chicago are on the brink of elimination, so the possibilities are literally endless.


Things were settled a lot quicker in many of the NHL first-round series. Montreal swept Tampa Bay. Boston only needed five games to take care of Detroit and Anaheim, Chicago and Pittsburgh all advanced in six. This means there are just three series still going on, but the good news is, two of those series will be settled by game sevens, while the other one still has a chance to end in a similar way. Just like the NBA, it is great for fans, both casual and hard-core when a playoff series stretches out as long as possible. And really, isn’t this the reason we give our time and spend our hard-earned money to watch sports? It’s to see the guys competing on the court or the ice or the field. It’s not to be subjected to the idiotic views of the people who own the teams. So, the quicker we can get back to focusing on the good part of sports and the sooner we can forget the bad part, the better – in my humble opinion.