A & A Cottage View Assisted Living Hosts Grand Opening

Akbar "Ike" Zadeh, owner, gives a thank-you speech before the ribbon cutting of the newly made Cottage View assisted living community on Thursday evening.
Akbar “Ike” Zadeh, owner of A & A Cottage View, gives a thank-you speech before the ribbon cutting of the new assisted living community Thursday evening.

EL CENTRO — The Imperial Valley’s newest assisted living community, A & A Cottage View, held it’s grand opening and ribbon cutting event Thursday evening.

“I think there is definitely a need in the community,” explained Akbar “Ike” Zadeh, owner of A & A Cottage View. “Our main goal and motivation is to provide that need. Here in the Valley, all the facilities and same services all have waiting lists. People are going to San Diego, Yuma, or other places for this service. I’m glad we are here to provide that need for our community.”

Located at 103 S. Haskell Drive in El Centro, the facility was filled with staff, local community leaders, and interested potential residents who participated in the grand opening. Located in the heart of El Centro, the state-of-the-art facility is a completely remodeled residence equipped specifically to provide locals in need with a new place to call home while providing passionate assisted living, hospice and dementia care, according to the owners.

The newly-established assisted living community looks to benefit not only its own patients, but local medical job opportunities as well.

“Besides helping the residents and people that really need our help, we are hiring employees,” said Zadeh. “There are many, many professionals here. We are going to add to the tax revenue. So all together, we think we are good for the community, and because of our fine facility and our fine service, I think that we are going to put El Centro on the map in the nation.”

Guests at the event toured and addressed their concerns about the new facility, while potential residents viewed the luxurious private rooms and expansive on-site gardens. The owners said A & A Cottage Views aims to have a resident-centered approach and hosts a fully licensed facility that is staffed 24-hours-a-day by a highly qualified and dedicated team.




  1. This is a very impressive facility. I was there for the ribbon cutting myself and got to see it first hand. They really went above and beyond preparing the home to cater to the needs of elderly occupants. Despite its unassuming exterior, the house is not a typical residence. Not even close. Check out their website for more photos, http://www.cottageview.org. I overheard them say the’ve been working on it for nearly three years. Well, that effort really shows in the final product. Best wishes to Dr. Zadeh and his family on this venture. They are good people and I would trust them to care for my own family. There’s an increasing need for this type of service here in our community. They are aware of that need and are doing their part to bridge the gap. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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