The Beat



CALIPATRIA – A medical emergency was reported to the sheriff’s office around 4:45 p.m. at English and Peterson in Calipatria. Two units, one fire truck, a Gold Cross Ambulance and a Reach Air Ambulance eventually responded to the scene after it was reported a panel fell on a co-workers foot. The injured first said his foot was cut off, but paramedics at scene weren’t sure if it was completely severed and they requested Reach who arrived 45 minutes after first call for help.

HOLTVILLE — Sheriff’s office received a call on October 3 that three or four juveniles had jumped the fence to the Holtville pool and were climbing onto the roof to jump into the pool. However, by the time an officer arrived, there were no youths on the roof or in the pool, but several kids were playing on the basketball court. The officer talked to the kids to stay away from the pool area and they agreed.

CALIPATRIA —Around 9:30 p.m. on October 4, Brawley Police reported a toothless white male adult brandishing a knife traveling northbound towards Elder Avenue from Hwy 78 in Calipatria. Two units were dispatched before being recalled. No other report came through on the male.

HEBER – Sheriff’s office reported a fraud perpetrated on a person in Heber on October 3. The person received a call stating that her daughter was kidnapped and the alleged kidnappers were requesting money. The person sent $800 and reported being followed by a small blue car. Officer said the perpetrator could be charged for fraud for money wire. The person on the phone claimed the daughter was kidnapped, but there had not been a kidnapping and the daughter was safe.

EL CENTRO – El Centro Police reported an Hispanic adult male, as a suspect in a $26 robbery that occurred at 111 S. Fourth Street in El Centro on October 3. The suspect punched the victim and took the money. He was last seen in the area of Lenrey Avenue on foot.

IMPERIAL – Three El Centro police units approached a bicyclist on Lee and La Brucherie roads in Imperial shortly after 9:00 p.m. A 911 call had informed the sheriff’s office that an Hispanic adult male, wearing a light on his forehead traveling towards Nance Rd. appeared to be looking inside vehicles. The caller expressed concern because of the past frequent break-ins.

The bicyclist said he was looking for cars for sale and was on his way to relatives. The police reported he did not know the address. No contraband was found on him and he was given a verbal warning.