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Tuesday, June 7th is the California Primary Election. Our friends at Concerned Women for America “have spent many hours researching each candidate and compiling a summary of Pro-Life Voter Information for the 53 Congressional Districts in CA, 20/40 of the state Senate Districts, and all 80 state Assembly Districts, along with US Senate.

For President, Democrat Hillary Clinton is ENDORSED by Planned Parenthood and vows to promote abortion, including selecting pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices.  Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders is considered even more pro-abortion than Clinton.  Meanwhile, Donald Trump has provided a list of pro-life Supreme Court Justices he would consider and Susan B. Anthony has summarized a comparison of the two leading candidates on abortion.  Here in California, you will still find pro-life candidates Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Ben Carson on your ballot, although they have suspended their Presidential campaigns. In this Primary vote tomorrow, there is no harm in voting for your favorite pro-life candidate for President, sending a message to the front-runners that life is important!

For the California US Senate race to replace out-going pro-abortion Senator Barbara Boxer, the leading pro-life candidate for US Senate from California is Tom Del Beccaro.”

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