Southwest turns tide for a win against Imperial

Southwest's Justyn Amaya (#22) runs to his teammates at home plate after scoring a home run play.
Southwest’s Justyn Amaya (#22) runs to his teammates at home plate after scoring a home run play at their home game on Tuesday night.

EL CENTRO — It was a close game with big plays as the Imperial Tigers battled the Southwest Eagles at home,Tuesday night, with the win going to the Eagles, 4-3.

The evenly matched defense caused a slow scoring start to the game with the first run happening in the bottom of the third by a quick steal to home from third by Imperial’s Aaron Alvarez (#3), thanks to a hard hit by teammate Aaron Bonillas (#10) at bat. Bonillas made it to third base but was then caught in a pickle and tagged out while trying to steal home.

Southwest had brought to the plate a solid batting squad, although Imperial’s pitcher was ultimately too hot that night with change-ups and fastballs. For the first three innings, Southwest had their share of foul balls or unproductive hits.

When all hope seemed to be lost for Southwest, Justyn Amaya (#22) hit a quick pitch over the fences to bring himself and his teammate Andy Carrillo (#13) on first base across home plate.

The momentum and match turned as the score was 2-1 with the Eagle’s leading going into the fifth inning. Southwest received another boost of morale as Gilbert Desilagua (#20) made two back-to-back stops at shortstop to give the defense two quick outs.

The Southwest Eagles continued their dominance throughout the last two innings. They continued to play strong and won against Imperial by a score of 4-3.

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