55th annual Palate and Palette Fall Festival attracted art and wine aficionados

MaryAnn Vasquez observes the artwork on display
MaryAnn Vasquez admires the artwork on display

EL CENTRO-The Church of Saints Peter and Paul presented their 55th annual Palate and Palette fall festival Thursday evening treating guests to fine art, fine wine, and fine music.

A canopy of twinkling white lights gave covering to a wide spread of wines and cheese spreads for partaking through-out the night. Alfords Distributing hosted two craft beer bars offering 11 different types of beers, including Sierra Nevada and Hanger 24 beer.

Tickets for the event were a $25.00 donation, with the net proceeds of this event used for outreach programs in Imperial Valley.

“This special event enables us to meet new people and visit with our friends as we begin a new Imperial Valley season.  We are especially grateful to the participating artists and the representatives from the wineries and breweries,” the Saints Peter and Paul Church hand-out read.

Imperial Valley artists’ artwork glowed in the church’s beautiful lights with guests enjoying the diverse display of work shown. A brochure described the each piece of artwork, the medium used, and the artist’s name.

“I love it! It’s super inspiring,” said MaryAnn Vasquez as she admired a painting by Ruban Martell called “Triumph or defeat?”

Art lovers voted for their favorite piece of art in each category consisting of water-color, acrylic, photography, oil, and mixed media. Those receiving the highest votes were Mary Alexson for her water color “Old Route 66” and  for her mixed media, the “Ancient One”, a chalk drawing, other participants receiving high votes were Linda Freitas,  Marvin Wieben, and Maria Herrera.