4-H Plant Show


4H pic


Location of show:


Desert Research Extension Center

1004 E. Holton Road Holtville


Entries Received: Friday – January 31, 2014 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Show and Judging: Saturday – February 1, 2014


Awards: Saturday – February 1, 2014 – 11:30 am




~ If you are unable to bring entries on Friday, let us know ASAP so arrangements can be made. ~ 760-352-9474


2.Limit: 5 per individual, 1 per class.


3.Must be enrolled in 4-H Plant Science Project(s).


4.Primary members welcomed to participate with their plants. (Ribbons only.)




Class 1– Bulbs (3-5 bulbs)


Class 2 – House Plants


Class 3 – Cut Flowers (3-6 flowers)


Class 4 – Flower Bowls


Class 5 – Herb Garden (3-5 herbs)


Class 6 – Fruit & Vegetables


Class 7 – Trees and Shrubs


plant showClass 8 – Cactus and Succulents


Class 9 – Dish Gardens & Terrariums


Class 10 – Any Other


Judging Criteria:


Cultural Perfection

The plant exhibits those qualities of its species.Is a good representative of the species.



The foliage is a rich green color, of the proper size and shape typical of the species.



According to the variety and pot size.



The plant is vigorous and free from insect damage, disease, mechanical damage, sunburn, etc.. Proper drainage.


General Appearance

The plant has been groomed; clean leaves, removal of dead branches, damaged leaves and pot is clean.


Properly Labeled

Common name of plant

As in any contest, you will be exposing your plants to a new environment and new fellow competitors.There is no guarantee your plant will not be exposed to new pests or plant diseases.Though this risk is small, we wanted to let you know of the possibility.