4-H Plant Show Results


4-H Members of all age groups throughout Imperial County brought their 4-H Plant Science Projects to the University of4HCloverMark18USC707 California Desert Research Extension Center (DREC) in Holtville to have their Plant Science Projects displayed and judged at the 4-H Plant Show held February 1, 2014 . Exhibits were judged on Cultural Perfection, Foliage, Size, Health and General Appearance.  Classes included: Bulbs, House Plants, Cut Flowers, Flower Bowls, Herb Gardens, Fruits & Vegetables, Trees and Shrubs, Cactus and Succulents, Dish Gardens and Terrariums and Any Other. A total of 25 plants were submitted for judging from three 4-H Clubs:  Magnolia, Star Route and Verde. Judges bringing their expertise this year to the table were Betty Miller and Cindy Elmore.


Class V – Herb Gardens:

Intermediate – Sean McLaughlin – Verde 4-H


Best of Show Intermediate – Sean McLaughlin – Verde 4-H


Primary Member Recognition:

Carmina Pendley – Star Route 4-H

Keira Riley – Verde 4-H


This event was sponsored by the Star Route 4-H Club and DREC.  Special thanks to Mary Ann Smith and Brandon Hall -Youth Chair. Committee members: Carmina Pendley and Steven Johnson. Special Thanks to Jacob Juarez, youth volunteer and Shanna Abatti. 4-H Program Rep for all of their help.


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