With the Political Season here, watch for more than just what they say……


letter to the editorAlthough Planned Parenthood has had an office in the Imperial County for a short period of time, already their national weight and presence is being felt by local candidates.

The political arm of the largest abortion agent in the United States has mailed a questionnaire to each candidate to glean their abortion stance and to find pro-abortion candidates to fund for office, regardless of whether the office sought by the candidate deals with cultural issues or not.

Their letter to each candidate starts out:

Congratulations on your decision to run for office!

As you may know, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest is the tremendously successful educational and political arm of Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest. The Action Fund’s success has stemmed largely from identifying pro-Planned Parenthood voters and educating them about candidates’ views on reproductive choice and reproductive healthcare issues.


Planned Parenthood’s political activity and national size puts an unneeded weight to local contests that should be more concerned with local issues than whether the candidate supports ending the life of a child in the womb or not.


Abortion stands have nothing to do with a myriad of issues that deal directly with our Imperial Valley such as border crossings, renewable energy, farming, and selling water.


Every group or organization has a right to participate in our political process, and to fund whom they choose. With election laws, it is also transparent to voters which organizations funds whom for office.


This transparency can help offset the financial influence of national organizations that funnel large amounts of capital to candidates that can privately espouse their views while publically stating locally popular views. One of the choices on Planned Parenthood’s questionaire includes: Please do not publish your endorsement or recognition of my candidacy.


However, many times the candidate that dances to monied groups has the financial means to travel to all events, plaster the countryside with billboards, and run expensive radio and television ads while the voting public remains unaware of the source of campaigning expenditures until after his or her vote has been cast.


So as the political season descends on the valley, pay attention to all aspects of the candidates’ actions, including their funding, and not only to what they say.