Hidalgo Society to hold Political Forum Thursday Night

IID candidates for District 5 answer questions at Hidalgo Hall from 2012**File Photo**
IID candidates for District 5 answer questions at Hidalgo Hall from 2012**File Photo**

BRAWLEY – The Hidalgo Society, Inc. is hosting a political forum on Thursday, March 20th, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Hidalgo Hall located at  410 S. Cesar Chavez St (corner of I and Cesar Chavez st) in Brawley.

All county wide candidates have been invited as well as Imperial County Supervisor District 5 incumbent Ray Castillo and candidates Kevin McFadden and Wally Leimgruber.

The Hidalgo Society, Inc., is a non-profit community based organization promoting public participation in the democratic process and does not endorse individual candidates.

The purpose of the forum is to have public participation and informed voters.  Registration forms will be available for anyone wishing to register to vote.  For more information contact President Rusty Garcia at (760) 587-1319.

Forum Schedule and Format are listed Below.

6:30 pm  Welcome and Forum format procedures and rules:   MC

Format:   Three Minute Introduction by each candidate
Question and Answer period:  one minute per question
Questions will be prepared by Hidalgo Society members and forum audience may submit questions for consideration by forum committee.

There will be a two minute closing statement by each candidate in reverse order of opening statement.

The Hidalgo Society Timer will be visible to candidates when they are on stage and there display signs with a one minute time warning for opening and  closing statements as well as at thirty and ten seconds warnings for the opening and closing statements  and the question- answer period.  The timer will raise sign when time is over. The emcee will stop any candidate who does not stop.

Order of Forum:  (Tentative)

Public Adminsitrator:                Saikhon, Legaspi, Durham

County Assessor:                    Zaragoza, Menveille, Ball

Superintendent of Schools:       Mallory/Finnell

Judges:    (Three minute Introduction only):

Bermudez, Smith, Henderson, Quan,


IID:                                         Dessert/D. McFadden

Supervisor District 5:      Castillo/K McFadden/Leimgruber

Sheriff:                                   Loera/Macken


  1. It was a really good forum. Norma Saikhon was absolutely the best speaker – really from the heart, Zaragoza came across as a bully, Finnell was on target and highly motivating, and Bermudez-Montenegro was loud and seemed to enjoy putting down her opponents record. Left at break so that’s all I saw. Very well done forum by the Hidalgo Society.

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