2nd Annual Westmorland Pride Barbeque at the Park

Scott Marmon (with guitar) and friends take a music break and strike a quick pose during the 2nd Annual Westmorland Pride Barbecue at the park.

WESTMORLAND — It was a day of celebration and reunion as the community of Westmorland celebrated its 2nd Annual Westmorland Pride Barbeque at the Park on Easter Sunday.

The all-day event was a call to the Westmorland former and current residents to come and enjoy a great day of music, fun, and food.  With Gerardo Cazares aka DJ Premier on the ones and twos throughout the event, which went from noon to sundown, along with Westmorland musicians, community members, and local businesses donating their time and supplies, for the Barbecue which also serves as a benefit gathering for funds for the Westmorland City Park.

“It was so nice to see old friends and family coming together for a great cause, the park where we as a community use and enjoy,” said Sonia Castaneda, who attended last year’s event and helped coordinate this years.

“I know it is a lot of work but we would really like to see the swimming pool open this summer, so the children of our community would have something fun to do that is a positive activity,” she added as the funds raised from this event will go specifically to Westmorland City Park upkeep and renovations, the most important at the moment being the City Pool, which has been closed for nearly two years due to needed upgrades.

The man behind the reunion/park benefit fundraiser is former resident Scott Marmon, or how he is better known as, Chivo.

Born and raised in Westmorland, he graduated from Brawley high in 1988, where he played football and ran track.  Although his thirty-year reunion from the Brawley High School is more than three years away, it was his Westmorland 8th grade graduating class that provided the inspiration for the first Westmorland Pride Barbecue at the park.

Marmon, who now resides in Vancouver, Washington, near Portland, Oregon, along with friends from his 1984 eighth grade class decided to get back together for a thirty-year reunion.  With that idea an internal alarm went off in Marmon’s head, put something together at the park as a benefit/fundraiser for the park itself for the people of Westmorland.

“As a former resident of Westmorland California its my pleasure to come back to my hometown an give back to the community that gave me so much,” said Marmon.

With the success of the first two Westmorland Pride Barbecue at the Park’s, plans are already underway for next year’s event, scheduled for April 2nd of next year.

“I plan on doing it every year, until the days i can no longer do it and then I hope somebody picks up the baton from there and takes it, because this community is worth it.”