Paramedics and EMT’s say no to Gold Cross offer

Gold Cross strike
Gold Cross Paramedics and EMT’s picket the County building


EL CENTRO, CA  -Imperial Valley Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians by a wide margin declined Gold Cross Ambulance Service’s  proposal Friday.

Out of 31 total votes, 30 union members rejected the offer.

According to paramedics, they claim the company is now proposing to make all paramedics part-time workers.

After voting on the new deal proposed by Gold Cross Friday morning, 22-year veteran paramedic John Bisi says he’s not satisfied.

He claims the new deal takes away hours from full-time workers schedule including veterans, like him.

“So anybody with seniority is not going to have a chance according to what’s proposed.”

Inside union source said the company didn’t offer a reasonable pay raise to accommodate reduced hours.

They say new hire paramedics are being offered $10 an hour – the same rate that was offered two weeks ago, when a federal mediator first came to El Centro.

Eddie Baxter, another veteran paramedic said, he too voted ‘no’ because he felt the deal wasn’t improved.

Baxter said, comparing it to previous deals, the new proposal gives management more discretion over how many hours they can work.

“It wasn’t up to par. it was worse than what they offered the second time.”

Now that the new offer has been rejected, these veterans say they’re prepared to fight on.

Baxter added, “I’m here for the long haul.” And Bisi agrees,  “Oh yeah, I’m packed to be here a couple more days.”