19th Annual Youth for Christ Golf Tournament goes off without a hitch

The Taco Cart was a popular stop for competitive golfers playing for an assortment of top-end golf clubs.

BRAWLEY – It is the 12th Annual Youth for Christ tournament and the camaraderie is easy going as 35 teams of a three man scramble tee off.


The ease and fellowship is due to Jordan Tucker and Andrew Colace being the point men in organizing the tournament and soliciting golfers to get their teams together.


Executive Director Jeremiah Vic
Executive Director Jeremiah Vic

According to Jeremiah Vic, Executive Director of Youth for Christ, this is their major fundraiser that covers more than a quarter of their annual expenses.


“We have very loyal sponsors that donate money, and then Andrew and Jordan contacted top golf manufacturers to donate, or deeply discount, top of the line clubs and golf paraphernalia for prizes,” Vic said. “This way we have prizes golfers really want.”


Vic knows it isn’t only the draw of prizes that drives the men to enter the tournament. Youth for Christ reaches more youth than any other privately funded organization in the Valley. Many of the men appreciate the work of Youth for Christ, many were involved with the organization, called Campus Life, in their high schools.


Jordan Tucker was one of those. “I joined Campus Life at Brawley High. Now I sit on the board.”


For Tucker, organizing the tournament was a natural. “I grew up here at Del Rio Country Club. I know every inch of this place, and I know the people that work here. I used to help Eric Freeman when he ran the tournament. After he stepped down, it made sense for me to step up.”


A big part of the success goes to Colace, according to Tucker. “He is a life saver. He helped get the teams put together. He is the front end, he made this a rock star tournament.”


Some of the money will help fund Youth for Christ’s latest project of helping teenage parents. Vic said that 40 to 45 babies are born to teens each month.


“We don’t just work with the moms, but the dads, too.  One teen dad told us that he had no idea how to be a dad. He had grown up with only a mother,” Vic said.


According to Vic, not one teen parent of the 17 coming to their program was a Christian, so the ministry aspect was huge.


With the large golf team turnouts, the help of sponsors, and donation of prizes, chances are Youth for Christ will run another successful program this year.


Tucker, too, is already thinking about next year. “As soon as this is over, I am going into the pro shop to book the date for next year.”